Shed Removal Project

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Shed Removal Project

Shed Removal Process & Pricing

At M&M Junk removal service we are servicing all of South King and Pierce Counties of Washington State. We receive calls from all over the service area and often get called out to do a clean out and removals of old sheds and garages.

We have done many complicated shed clean outs in our years. Many projects in Seattle, Renton, Federal Way and Gig Harbor, WA.

Every job is different and to understand what we are dealing with we often ask the following questions:

  • What are the dimensions of the shed or a garage you are trying to clean out?
  • Because we are being charged by the weight at the dump, what sort of junk is in it (construction debris, anything heavy, or just normal yard stuff)?
  • IF you want us to haul away the shed structure we ask about how is it build. Does it have siding? What type of roofing it has (composite shingles or tar paper)?
  • Does it have sheetrock finish or bare walls? Any windows?
  • Does it rest on a concrete slab or not?

Shed Removal Process

All these questions help us give you a more exact over-the-phone quote or an idea how much it might cost. But the best way would be for us to stop by and take a look at it.

Access to the shed plays a big role when it comes to pricing too – if we are able to back up a truck to it or we have to carry everything out by hand.

Garage cleanup


All sheds are different so please give us a call and we would help you figure how to deal with it.

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