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We went a long way to remove unwanted furniture and junk for Alex in Seattle. Contact us for your project.

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M&M Junk Removal goes a far way to get things done for our customers.

Unwanted Furniture and Junk Removal in Seattle

A man called from North Seattle. Alex’s uncle has passed away and was taking care of him. We were called out to clean out the haul away all unwanted items and smoke damaged furniture to the disposal.

The job had to be scheduled with precision to allow cleaners to begin their work: right after we are done, the same Wednesday morning.

Furniture and junk disposal in Seattle

The only thing was the apartment key – the key was in Seattle. Alex had it, but we needed it the next morning. It is about an Hour and a half worth of a drive for Steve to drive in the morning. What we did instead is we went to meet Steve at his house in Seattle late in the evening to pick up the keys for the apartment.

Our Clean Up Process

With keys in hand we show up to the apartment early in the morning: to find a fully furnished apartment that was very heavily smoked in. Furniture, closing, books, kitchen aid, everything had to go. All that was noted to keep had been already taken away. We had to come in and, how it is called, gut the apartment empty.

Clean appartment in Seattle

Everything was done with diligence and in time for the cleaners as they show up. We dropped off the key at the main office and were on our way to the next appointment.

Are you impressed how we went far away to help Alex in Seattle?
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