Junk Removal in Maple Valley

See this example of trash disposal in Maple Valley and consider us for your next project.

Maple Valley Junk Removal

A customer called from Maple Valley WA and they needed to clean out and haul all the junk away from their rental property.

Junk Removal in Maple Valley, WA

Tenants left a lot of junk and things around the house and the back yard. Everything had to be carried out from the back yard by hand. Also all things gathered from around the house. The owner also took out all old carpets and padding from the whole house and needed that disposed of as well.

Trash Removal in Maple Valley, WA


There are not many Junk Removal services available in Maple Valley, WA, so once we had a call it was straight forward business.

Our Cleanup Process

We came out and looked at all the junk and trash the owner was dealing with. We gave a fixed bid before we started and advised: we are getting charged by the weight at the dump and if we encounter something heavy it might change the price a bit based on the weight. Luckily we didn’t find much heavy junk hidden from our attention. One concern was the junk on the back yard where it was sitting on the rain uncovered and was soaking wet.

The owner asked us to leave anything made of wood and not take any chemicals or pains. We had loaded all things in the truck and put all wood in a pile and gathered all paints and chemicals together for the owner to deal with.

It took us two loads to get the things out but shortly everything was done to customer’s satisfaction.


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The Maple Valley zip code we remove junk in is 98038. We service The Greater Seattle area and happy to help with your junk removal project, including, but not limited to:

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