Junk Removal in Lynnwood, WA

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Junk Removal in Lynwood, WA

In business since 2007 we had only had a few jobs like this one in Lynnwood WA. A customer, whose name will remain unanimous, had called M&M. He needed some constriction debris hauled out from a remodeling project.

We asked all the same questions over the phone to grasp the situation. He said there’s a pick-up truck worth of stuff or no more than 2. We gave a quote over the phone and set up a time to shop up. As most of the time the scheduling time had to be precise for our client.

We Value Your Time

M&M Junk Removal is a schedule-focused company. We come on-time for the appointment, making a far trip. Even after following up and confirming with the costumer of our arrival time: we show up and they are not there. We coordinate jobs over the phone all the time so everything seems OK. We speak with the customer again and they give us an over the phone walk around. We found a two ginormous piles of debris in the backyard.

Junk and Trash Removal in Lynwood

Everything was sitting in the rain for some time, absorbing water. It was raining hard all day long on that day.

Overcoming Unrealistic Expectations

We explain that there are many time more stuff here than one or two pick up loads here. Being all construction debris, this would cost a lot more at recycling center than normal household garbage. A big deal is that most of the trash was soaking up rain water which made everything much heavier.

We had a hard time delivering this massage over to our client, because they would just not listen or try to understand. We could not agree on the price because they think it is still not that much garbage out there. In their words it was “just 3 ore 4 doors, just an old kitchen, just few bags (in reality – 13 big black bags), just little bit of wood etc…

Honoring Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

We had to leave the property on our way to the next appointment. Then he calls back and says he will come to the house and asked us to turn around and come back. We did come back only to sit and wait for him to come back in a half hour. Customer arrives and we start over the conversation only to find out that he is still holding up to the price I told him is not possible.

After wasting this much time we are looking on how we can make this affordable and agree that we would take as much as will fit in the truck with us packing it very efficiently. Also the customer agreed to give us a hand and help us loading to reduce costs for them. We noted that we should be able to pick everything up but there is a slight chance some things might not fit.

Junk Clean Up in Lynwood

Like I said in the beginning, it was raining hard all day that day. About 10 minutes into the job we notice that costumer is not helping us at all and I later find out that he left somewhere. We have been loading for about 3 hours in the rain. When we were done the truck was overloaded 4 foot taller than the sides of the truck. In excess of 2 tons worth of weight in the truck.

M&M Gets Job Done One Way or Another

This is not the end of this ridiculous situation. It took over 2 and a half hours to get back. Now it is around 7 pm. We should have had taken a picture of the loaded truck that day. Now the costumer starts to back out of paying us for the clean out basing his reasons on a few items we could not put in the truck (for the lack of space left). I can go on and on about this and make a long talk but to cut things short: We got it done one way or another.


We hope that you’ll see what it takes for us to get job done and see our dedication even through this “bad” experience.

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