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Hoarding Cleanup

This house in Burien WA is a good example of the variety of the services we provide. Our costumer had just inherited a house from a past away family member, but what he really inherited was a huge headache. The house was a typical case of hoarding.

Hoarding Cleanup - Junk Removal in Burien


This may be shocking to some but as for M&M Junk Removal this hoarder house is not that bad compared to one we did in Fir Crest, WA a number of years ago.

For the new owner of the house it was a pure panic attack about what to do and how to do it. For us it is an everyday job so we had it at ease. We spoke with the costumer gave him a plan of action and explained to him a good way to approach a job like this.

Hoarding House Cleanup Process

First you have to make your way inside the house we explained, so first day what we did is cleared a way to get inside the house. Then the costumer wanted to take note of the content of the hoarded items and look for important documents.

The second day we cleared a path ways to all rooms so it is possible to walk around.

A few days later we get the call to finish everything up. The last day we bring in an extra pair of hands and clean out the house empty for the exception of items asked to be left behind.

Hoarder House Cleanup


The strategy of a hoarder house clean out is very simple but is very important if you don’t know what is being stored there. As a home owner you don’t want to throw out any valuables if there are any. So a company with a hoarder house clean out experience is very important.

Hoarding House Cleaning Service


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