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Bellevue Junk Removal Service

Construction Cleanup in Bellevue, WA

A new home construction site in Bellevue WA was coming up to a finish and the Building Company was looking for someone who would be able to have the clean-up done. They called M&M Junk Removal Service and we went over to the job site right away.

Bellevue Construction Cleanup Service

Our Cleanup Process

When we pulled up and immediately noticed the large amount of construction debris that were mainly consolidated in a box designated for trash. Also the property had a muddy surface so workers spread out and put wooden boards in the mud to walk on all over the property. Everything had to be hauled away.
Construction Cleanup Service in Bellevue

The job was big, the box full of trash was about 20 feet long and about 8 foot wide filled with everything and anything from construction. Everything was extremely heavy. The concern was that the home owners around started to put their own trash in the box so we were dealing with a mixture of things.

Construction Cleanup Service in Bellevue WA


We made a deal with the builder and had everything hauled away shortly.

Luckily the Bellevue dump was nearby and most of the lumber we managed to recycle to save up on the dump fees. If you are in need of remodeling or construction debris removal then give M&M Junk Removal a call for a fast and reliable service.

Construction Junk Removal Service in Bellevue WA


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